Hello,  I’m Maya. She/her pronouns, 23 years old.

I’m a writer and content producer with roots in journalism and political science. I’m currently based in Arlington, Va., working for POLITICO’s subscription-based news service, POLITICO Pro as a web producer. In the past, I’ve worked for Bustle.com as a News/Politics writer and done editorial work for a multimedia news website and for a community newspaper. I live for the intersection of excellent writing and social change — one of the projects I worked on, Syracuse Jobs Matter, helped bring light to the serious issue of racially concentrated poverty in the Syracuse, NY community.

My home has been the San Francisco Bay Area since I was five, but I spent four years at Syracuse University, where I got a Bachelor’s in Newspaper & Online Journalism and Political Science. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing fiction; I was an English minor and I contributed to my university’s literary magazine. I’ve also been lucky enough to have traveled extensively — my extended family lives in India, and I studied abroad in Strasbourg, France during college.

If you know of any opportunities I’d be interested in, feel free to shoot me an email at maya@mparthas.com.